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Welcome To A Tree Grows In Oakland


My family first came to Oakland County, Michigan in 1820.  As we approach the 200th Anniversary of the arrival of the first settlers, it is time to update and revamp my web pages (www.patrickshaul.com).  The site is currently packed up and on a virtual moving van heading from one hosting site to another with a stopover at the refinishing workshop.


I have been tracing my family origins for the past 50+ years.  My research has been concentrated among the early settlers of Oakland County Michigan (Jenks, Lee, Botsford, and Munn), Western Michigan (Shaul, Dagen), Northern Michigan (Tobias and Huff), Indiana / Ohio (Koontz, Weaver, Gardner, and  Lane), and Illinois (McKeown, Doake, Beggs, Wilson).  In addition, I am researching the migration of the entire family from their European origins — England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and Germany — to the current settlement locations.

The following categories used to be the major links on my old home page.  They may or may not survive this rewrite.


Page last updated:  24 September 2016.