Genealogical Research

Research Overview

Genealogical Research

Patrick’s family has been in Michigan for a number of generations (8). The DAGAN and SHAUL families were in western Michigan, with the SHAUL family coming from Herkimer County, NY.   The WEBER/WEAVER family came to Pennsylvania  from Germany in the mid 1800s and then settled in Ohio.  Lemuel Weaver then came to Michigan.  The GARDNER (GAERTNER) family came to Connecticut from Germany around the time of the American Civil War and then migrated to Indiana. The JENKS family started in Massachusetts in the 1600s, then to Rhode Island, New York, and Michigan in 1820.  The LEE family started in Connecticut and then, after a brief stop in Ontario County, NY, came to Michigan in the 1820s. The TOBIAS family came to Northern Michigan  in the mid 1800s.  The HUFF family moved around a great deal, from New York, to Illinois to Northern Michigan.

Recent work has found my link to Mayflower Passenger, Edward Fuller through my Lee → Munn → Isham → Fuller line of descent.

Margaret’s family settled in central Illinois. The ALLEN, BEGGS, DOAKE, MCKEOWN, and MALOY families all resided in IL. The MCKEOWN and MALOY families came from Ireland in the mid 1800s.

DNA Research

Having run the full range of testing:  AncestryDNA for Autosomal, 23andMe for Autosomal, Family Tree DNA for Autosomal, Y-DNA and mitochondrial DNA, MyHeritage for Autosomal, and LivingDNA for Autosomal.  A whole new avenue of research is opening up.