Southfield Cemetery

Southfield Cemetery, Southfield, Oakland, Michigan

Morris Jenks (1801-1878)


The stone for GGG Grandfather Morris Jenks has been broken and fallen over in the Southfield Cemetery (Section 2, row 3).  I am still looking for the records of GGG Grandmother Almira Botsford Jenks burial.

Horatio Lee (1800-1869)  Hannah Munn Lee (1807-1890)


The four sided monument (Section 1, row 1)) contains the information of Horatio Lee (1800-1869) and his wife, Hannah Munn Lee (1807-1890).  Dates carved in the monument are the dates of death and the number of years, months, and days of life.  Also included on the column are Horatio and Hannah’s daughter, Emily J. Lee Rowe (1838-1888) and her husband, F. Rowe (1829-1919).  Separate stones are also in the nearby ground for both Emily and her husband.

Charles Norton Lee (1833-1905) Esther Jenks Lee (1832-1918) Lewellyn Lee (1862-1917)


Charles Norton Lee (1833-1905), his wife, Esther Jenks Lee (1832-1918) and their son, Lewellyn Lee (1862-1917).  A nearby stone has Emmer E Lee, dau of C & E, d Mar 23, 1862, 5y 5m 12d.